Shanti College of Education


 Instructional facilities:
a) Science Laboratory:
We have various science equipment of app. Rs 50000/-
b) Psychology Laboratory:
We have various test of psychology (including verbal & non-Verbal)
c) Educational Technology laboratory:
We have 6 computers, one all in one Machine and one printer with CD Rooms, and access to internet. We also have 2 O.H.P. and one Slide Projector. We will purchase other equipments during the session.
d) Library Resources:
We have sufficient number of books, journals/periodicals, encyclopedia, and reference books for the existing as well as the proposed programme.
e) Furniture:
The adequate furniture in the class rooms, library, laboratories etc. have been provided.

Human resources information:
Full time staff is to be appointed on regular basis as per the qualification prescribed in norms & standards (By NCTE, Govt, UGC, etc.) through wide publicity on the basis of the recommendation of duly constituted selection committee. The advertisement has been given in the newspapers and the recruitment will be made before the starting of the session.